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This was my senior thesis for my Bachelors of Science degree in Visual Communication Design at San Francisco State University. I presented this at the San Francisco State University Undergraduate Research Scholarly and Creative Activities (URSCA) showcase.

What's The Problem?
The Internet is threatened. Surveillance is now the norm.
How can people protect themselves from these surveillance methods?
How can we act on this opportunity and create more accessible and understandable routes to preserve our privacy while communicating?

This project explores an issue that affect everyone of us. Digital Surveillance. I redesigned the branding for a digital rights non profit called the Electronic Frontier Foundation and developed a new product, a “Surveillance Self Defense Guide”, containing informational booklets, posters, and packaged software which help facilitate discussion between individuals about digital communication.

An informational booklet discussing the importance of privacy and encryption in a digital age and analyzing some case studies about the subject (snowden, etc). This will provide information and “good practice behavior” to staying secure as well as general information about software and strategies. A full sized booklet will be for the user, and a risoprinted cheaply produced 1/2 scale booklet will be provided for the users peers.

With this, 2 large poster will be included in this “security survival kit”, allowing the user to share this information in a direct way to a peer.

Through physical objects employing a brutalist anti-digital typographic and illustrative style, I will enable the user to share their passion for Security Self-Defense by facilitating real life connectivity.

My Solution?
Education, peer to peer education. By getting users already knowledgeable about the subject to educate their peers, my product will facilitate this education on the use of PGP email encryption with interactive sections, handouts, and discussion material.

The tool that is explained in this guide is PGP Encryption. PGP is an email encryption standard used around the world. It works by creating a pair of encryption keys for a user. A Public, and Private key and then sharing these keys to encode messages. Because of this key exchange feature, this peer to peer interaction im presenting is perfect as users need to be taught to use this tool.

Here are some production shots of the creation of the booklet. I created 80 booklets for distribution during my final exam presentation, using a 1980s risograph I printed, saddle stitched, and distributed the booklets.

Cyber security is a process, not a tool you buy. Through thoughtful planning you can assess what is necessary for your own personal security. With tools like the Surveillance Self Defense Kit, individuals can better educate their family and friends and help them to protect themselves from online threats

The full booklet can be read here: