Pictures of the day started February 27th 2018

August 21th 2018

My room at 23

August 20th 2018
August 19th 2018

My first girlfriend Savannah at age 17

August 18th 2018
August 17th 2018

CJ and I with Nick in the background in Emigrant Wilderness Age 21

August 16th 2018
August 15th 2018
August 14th 2018
August 13th 2018

A self portrait in my old apartment, I spent 300 dollars a month to live in a slanted loft room with no vents and a single window. Age 21

August 12th 2018
August 11th 2018
August 10th 2018
August 9th 2018
August 8th 2018
August 7th 2018
August 6th 2018
August 5th 2018
August 4th 2018
August 3rd 2018
August 2nd 2018
August 1st 2018

The Golden Gate Bridge northbound at 4am

July 31st 2018

At a goodwill in Rohnert Park California, it says "I like being on my own better than i like anything else, but i can't give up love. Maybe it's the tension between longing and aloneness that i need. My own funicular railway, holding in balance the two things most likely to destroy me."

July 30th 2018
July 29th 2018
July 28th 2018
July 27th 2018

Gina and Doug on their (second) wedding day

July 26th 2018
July 25th 2018
July 24th 2018
July 23rd 2018
July 22nd 2018
July 21st 2018
July 20th 2018
July 19th 2018
July 18th 2018
July 17th 2018
July 16th 2018
July 15th 2018
July 14th 2018

Here's my favorite picture of CJ and I, happy birthday CJ

July 13th 2018
July 12th 2018
July 11th 2018
July 10th 2018
July 9th 2018
July 8th 2018
July 7th 2018
July 6th 2018
July 5th 2018
July 4th 2018

Here's my beautiful mother July 4th 2016 after we cremated her parakeet.

July 3rd 2018
July 2nd 2018

Here is CJ Scheley drunk in the streets of San Francisco after a Giants game trying to help a puking Ian.

July 1st 2018
June 30th 2018
June 29th 2018
June 28th 2018
June 27th 2018
June 26th 2018
June 25th 2018
June 24th 2018
June 23rd 2018
June 22nd 2018
June 21st 2018
June 20th 2018
June 19th 2018
June 18th 2018
June 17th 2018
June 16th 2018
June 15th 2018
June 14th 2018
June 13th 2018
June 12th 2018
June 11th 2018
June 10th 2018
June 9th 2018
June 8th 2018
June 7th 2018

This is Ralph from Mainz Germany, he was a delivery driver at the farm I worked at and took my to a national forest park to look at deer.
This photo is from 2016.

June 6th 2018

My grandmother in front of her childhood church in Locus Grove Ohio. Her parents are buried behind it.

June 5th 2018
June 4th 2018
June 3rd 2018
June 2nd 2018
June 1st 2018

This is me at age 24 on June 1st 2018 at my grandmothers house in Columbus Ohio.

May 31st 2018

This is a photo from a farm in Germany that sold rich Germans dried cow to burn. The owner had 4 identical daughters and they were named by the leader of the "religion"

May 30th 2018

This photo is from my trip to Germany in 2016, it was a Kaway camp in Bavaria near the Bodensee. It was warm and we swam everyday.

May 29th 2018

This photo is from my first apartment at age 20

May 28th 2018
May 27th 2018
May 26th 2018
May 25th 2018
May 24th 2018
May 23rd 2018
May 22nd 2018
May 21st 2018
May 20th 2018
May 19th 2018
May 18th 2018
May 17th 2018

This photo is from April 19th 2011. Here is CJ when we tried to make fake ID's with construction paper

May 16th 2018
May 15th 2018
May 14th 2018
May 13th 2018
May 12th 2018
May 11th 2018

I met Maggie and Audrey in the park, later Oceane and Marie joined us at dusk.

May 10th 2018
May 9th 2018
May 8th 2018
May 7th 2018
May 6th 2018
May 5th 2018

We walked to the top of the hill in Glen Canyon and looked at Oakland across the way.

May 4th 2018
May 3rd 2018
May 2nd 2018
May 1st 2018
April 30th 2018
April 29th 2018
April 28th 2018
April 27th 2018
April 26th 2018
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April 24th 2018
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April 22nd 2018
April 21st 2018
April 20th 2018
April 19th 2018
April 18th 2018
April 17th 2018
April 16th 2018
April 15th 2018
April 14th 2018
April 13th 2018
April 12th 2018
April 11th 2018

James and Kyle talk intently about the situation and Phil is having a blast.

April 10th 2018
April 9th 2018
April 8th 2018
April 7th 2018
April 6th 2018
April 5th 2018
April 4th 2018

A yes vote was a vote in favor of prohibiting the propagation, cultivation, raising, or growing of genetically engineered organisms.

April 3rd 2018

It took a long time to make this dot pattern.

April 2nd 2018
April 1st 2018
March 31th 2018
March 30th 2018
March 29th 2018
March 28th 2018
March 27th 2018

A concept for the International Relations Journal at San Francisco State University.

March 26th 2018
March 25th 2018
March 24th 2018
March 23rd 2018
March 22nd 2018
March 21th 2018
March 20th 2018
March 19th 2018
March 18th 2018
March 17th 2018
March 16th 2018
March 15th 2018
March 14th 2018

James drank a pot of coffee and worked on his portfolio until 3am.

March 13th 2018

I bought Katie this old seamans raincoat after realizing it wouldn't fit me but fit her perfectly.

March 12th 2018
March 11th 2018
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